Meet Christine Nicole, the artist behind Christine Nicole Art:

I have always been a creative soul, be it picking up a new musical instrument, creating twists on old recipes, or finding a creative solution to a problem. It was only natural that this creativity would lead to my passion for art. I can usually be found in the studio with my four furry apprentices, who like to keep an eye on me and make sure I remember to break for tummy and ear rubs!

My art is focused around the full aesthetic experience – created not only from color, but from varying brushstrokes, technique, textures and mediums. My first passion is working with textured paintings. I love creating my own textures and bringing them to life with color. Sometimes the color serves as an enhancement to the underlying texture, and sometimes the texture serves as an enhancement to the color. The process in finding the balance in this is very soothing.

My artwork comes from a place of creating pieces that I enjoy looking at and would proudly display. My hope is that they inspire the same experience for you!

Please note that when you purchase my art, you are supporting a cruelty-free artist! All brushes, pigments, mediums, and other supplies used are animal product-free.

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